Things You Didn’t Know About Trees

It is a fact that all people recognize that trees are the source of air that keeps everything alive. They provide many benefits to you, your neighbors, and in the whole planet after they are planted and have grown fully. In fact, all of the trees only contribute good things, in general, even if they are just in your lawn or backyard.

We understand that they also sometimes create damage especially when they are placed near the house or any electrical wires, and this is where services like tree removal Miami become relevant and helpful. But generally, trees need to be taken care of, and we need to plant more of them for our own benefits.

In this article, we will share with you some of the benefits you may never know trees provide.

1. They are a breath of fresh air

It is said that a fully grown tree can produce 260 pounds of oxygen in a year, enough to keep two persons’ breath.

In addition to this, an acre of a forest with wild trees is able to produce four tons of oxygen and absorb six tons of carbon dioxide, enough to sustain 18 individuals.

2. They bring good luck

Trees bring good luck (to those who believe it). This belief comes from a paganistic tradition of tapping the tree trunks to summon good spirits and ask for abundance in harvesting or any good luck. This has evolved and now some people knock on wood to ask for good luck.

3. Trees make the area cooler

Larger cities have removed trees and replaced them with commercial buildings. As a result, larger cities are hotter compared to rural areas with greens and trees. This is due to the ability of cement and asphalt to absorb and attract heat and retain it. Having more trees in our cities will effectively cool down the temperature as they provide not just shade, but also breezes of cool air.

4. Thye prove mental health benefits

It is known that trees provide physical health benefits, but aside from this, they can also provide mental health benefits too. They reduce mental fatigue and reduce blood pressure as well as muscle tension.

5. They are not as helpless as they appear to be

Some trees have the ability to produce their own chemicals to fend off insects or to call other species for help. For instance, apple trees are able to attract birds that can eat caterpillars.

6. They can make you save some dollars.

It was mentioned that tree provides cooler environment and when you have them in your property, they can reduce the amount of time you need to turn on your AC, cutting out the air conditioning expenses per year. In addition to this, they can also improve the curb appeal and property value when you are planning to sell your property.

Plant more trees as they are declining

Do you know that we cut down 15 Billion trees every year? Since some decades ago, humans have already cut millions and millions of trees, and this is one of the causes of air pollution and global warming.

It will be a significant help if a larger number of communities begin to plant more trees now.

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